We all know that pictures tell it all

…and more is being said on Instagram.

Kotivalo / Pikku-Pemberley


Underneath the apple tree / Pikku-Pemberley


Morning rays in the living room / Pikku-Pemberley


Take-away bouquet / Pikku-Pemberley


August dinner setting / Pikku-Pemberley


Window and vines / Pikku-Pemberley


Wild garden / Pikku-Pemberley


Evening sun on the fields / Pikku-Pemberley


Raw blueberry cake for breakfast / Pikku-Pemberley


Slow morning on the veranda / Pikku-Pemberley


Al fresco dining / Pikku-Pemberley


Kaikki katoaa auringonlaskuun / Pikku-Pemberley


Lady of the house / Pikku-Pemberley

© Maiju Eliisa Koskela, 2017

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